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Posts about Hater on Shark Tank Blog

Posts about Hater on Shark Tank Blog

Brendan Alper hopes to find some love in the Shark Tank when he pitches Hater, a dating app that matches people based on what they hate, in episode 909. Alper is a former Goldman Sachs financial guy who turned to comedy writing when he realized finance wasn’t his cup of tea. The idea for Hater initially was a joke, but he soon realized it was based in real psychology.

A 2006 study in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin argued that “people readily connect when they have a third entity to jointly demean.” Armed with an idea and a bit of academic proof, Alper made his app into a Tinder-like product that asks people to swipe up or down for “love” or “hate,” and right or left for “like” or “dislike.”

Subject matter on the app ranges from politics to celebrities to food, sports and more. The app does not use or approve of hate speech in any way. There are over 3000 topics in the app – chosen by the Hater team – and frequently include trending topics. Once you swipe your “hate,” “loves,” etc, the app matches you with folks that have similar interests and it uses an algorithm to calculate compatibility. After that, it works like other dating apps, allowing users to view matches and choose who they’d like to meet.

Hater debuted just before Valentine’s Day, 2017 and rocketed to over 200,000 users. Whether it stands the test of time remains to be seen, but a Shark’s capital and cache is something Mr. Alper would LOVE for his app.

Hater Shark Tank Recap

Brendan enters seeking $200,000 for 5% of his business. He explains the app and how it works, then has a demo for the Sharks. He displays a variety of topics on a screen and asks the Sharks whether they love it, are neutral about it or hate it. When the experiment is done, the app says Rohan and Barbara would be a good match.

They have 500,000 active users but have not monetized the app yet. Continue reading

3) Be aware of the difference in bodily and you will psychological intimacy

3) Be aware of the difference in bodily and you will psychological intimacy

Increased hugging and carrying give together with your companion, even when it doesn’t getting sheer in the beginning, can begin to improve closeness. Merely begin to do it really slowly, else you might think also abrupt a change. However,.

The latest respected relationship writer and you may eager thinking-applier out of large make-up Dame Barbara Cartland once blogged: “One of people, gender possibly leads to intimacy; one of girls, closeness possibly causes intercourse.” I think there is certain details in that: basically, boys can disconnect the thinking; while ladies may feel sex is actually a connection to deeper closeness, people may suffer intercourse are “simply intercourse”. Continue reading