The rain has actually stopped by now, so I go for a run while the path isn’t too wet

The rain has actually stopped by now, <a href="">payday lenders in Dublin Ohio</a> so I go for a run while the path isn’t too wet

4:45pm – I pack up my work for the day and head home. While I’m on my cool down walk back, I see that the pizza place near us is having their cheap Tuesday deal. It’s tempting me!

6:00pm – I tell my boyfriend about the pizza deal, so we order two for dinner ($26) and go for a walk to catch up on the day while we wait for the pizzas to cook. Now that we’ve cut down our commute times, it’s been really valuable to have the opportunity to go for a walk and download about the day together. $26

7:30pm – We eat our pizza for dinner while watching the newest episodes of a show we’ve been watching on Netflix called Arcane. It’s an animated series based in the League of Legends universe and although I haven’t played the game, I’ve been really enjoying the show. I have a habit of rewatching shows I find comforting because I know what happens. It’s good to have something a bit different to break that up

pm – We accidentally watch all three of the episodes and stay up later than we meant to. This means it’s a very lazy skincare routine for me, using the same cleansing duo I used last night, followed by the Go-To Face Hero face oil and the Avene Hydrance Sleeping Mask. These products are my favourites when I’m feeling tired or lazy at night, as they still leave my skin hydrated and happy, but I can get my routine done in about two minutes.

Day Three

6:00am – I’m really trying to start my day early, but it’s still not easy getting up when my alarm goes off. The Keep It Cleaner app also has a HIIT challenge running at the moment, so I do a HIIT workout on the planner, adding a ten-minute booty burner to finish it off. It’s always hard to get motivated, but I feel so much better afterwards and it’s so nice to start the day that way.

7:30am – After my shower, I take a little extra time getting ready for work, using the Aceology Ice Globe Facial Massagers out of the fridge to help cool down my skin. My eczema has been flaring up a little lately, and this is one way that really helps to take the heat and itch out of my skin, plus it has the added bonus of being quite relaxing. I follow with the rest of my skincare, using the Boost Lab 2D Hydro Boost Serum, Emma Lewisham Skin Reset Serum and Ultra Violette Supreme Screen SPF50.

8:00am – I’m a little late starting work, but it was worth it to spend a little extra time looking after my skin. I eat my breakfast at my desk while I catch up on emails and make a to-do list for the day. One of my favourite things to eat is overnight oats because they’re super easy to make, cheap and really filling. If you google overnight oats, there are all kinds of different variations you can make based on your preferences, I love adding fresh berries while they’re in season!

I’m currently using the running plan in my Keep It Cleaner app to get back to being able to run 5km

am – I take a break at work to make a fresh coffee and go for a walk up the road to stretch my legs a bit. Today, I’m doing a lot of online research, preparing a patent search report as part of the intellectual property management I do for my work. It requires a lot of reading to interpret the patents, so it’s a lot of screen time and mental energy which means it’s nice to get up and go for a walk.